He was born in 1978 in Santiago de los Caballeros; in a small community named Banegas, belongs to Villa Gonzalez. When he was a child; his mother died. So, he grew up in a small family in which he learned how to survive.
He was not able to assist to a school, so he learned how to read and whrite his name and some basic thing by himself. When he was eleven, he found that he was supose to be a professional, even thought he was not into rich family neither into a family where there were any professional.

Fermín kept learning by himself untill he was fourteen; but, one day: a teacher named Álvaro Peña saw him with a book; then he ask him if he undestand what was in the book. Fermín responded no. 
Álvaro Peña promised to bring some easy book in which he should learn faster. 
Álvaro Peña brougt him some books like ´´Nacho, Lengua Española 4to y 5to`` (fourth and fifth grade). 
Later, Álvaro Peña advise him to go to the school to keep learning. 
Fermin accepted to look a school then start leaning. When he got to the school; the teacher swa his intelligence; the she promoted him to two higger grade. 
To be continued...